Terms & Conditions


Your personal information is vital to enable us to process your orders quickly and efficiently and we will not abuse the information we have in disclosing to any 3rd party beyond Lil Monsters.

Information pertaining to this policy covers all information that we collect and protect provided to register each customers with location and contact details will be used to communicate and identify each customers for better future and current references.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further inquiries.

Pre-order and purchase Policy

  1. Every pre-order item requires a deposit to reserve the item in advance and once confirmation of deposit payment is made we shall send a verification to confirm the order.
  2. Failure to complete deposit payment within 3 days of order the said order is considered cancelled automatically unless a fair warning is given.
  3. Any cancellation of orders by suppliers or delay in delivering (2 weeks from payment date) we shall inform customers with the option to transfer the deposit to another item or to get back their full refund even if paid by credit card.
  4. Any cancellation of pre-order by customer will have their deposit forfeited unless customer able to get a replacement buyer within 2 weeks of cancellation date.
  5. No sealed items are to be opened for any reason unless it has been paid for by customer.
  6. Any items damaged due to the manufacturer’s fault upon checking in the store, we will provide another new similar product for customer to choose from unless there is no more stock, then the deposit will be refunded.
  7. Any minor fault that is acceptable but is duely rejected by customers, we will not refund any deposits and any replacement is at supplier’s discretion.
  8. Any item that has been paid and has left our store which is found to be damaged later on will not be entitled for refund and replacement is at the supplier’s discretion.
  9. Customer are to collect their in stock items within a 2 weeks period otherwise it will be opened for resell unless customer gives an advance acceptable notice of delay of pick up.
  10. Lil’ Monsters reserves the right to evaluate and revise any already announced pre-order prices due to volatility of the state of the economy or the currency exchange rate with exporter country.